2022 ZIMSEC O Level Results: Only 28.96% passed, what happens to the other 71.04%?

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Only 28.96% of the candidates who sat for 2022 ZIMSEC Ordinary Level exams passed. According to ZIMSEC, a total of 278 760 candidates sat for November 2022 O Level Exams. 183 584 wrote 5 or more subjects and 53 169 passed 5 or more subjects. Overall pass rate is 28.96% compared to 26.34% in 2021. Increase of 2.62% in the pass rate.

Everyone seems to be concentrating on the 28,96% of students who have passed, offering them suggestions for Advanced Level subject combinations or other options like polytechnic, apprenticeship, or specialized schools like the School of Mines. What happens to the remaining 71,04 percent of students who failed to pass five or more subjects is the question that follows from this. It might be disheartening to fail your O-Levels after years of effort. You must alter your perspective before making future plans. Make sure you accept the responsibility for the situation as only you have the power to decide how to make things better. After all, failing your O Levels doesn’t mean your life is over. If you check the statistics, you are part of 71,04%; that’s a huge number, right?

Here are some options to consider:

  1. Retake your O Levels

You might need to return to school if you’re younger. Everyone follows various pathways, and you’ll notice this notably in higher education, when you may have students who are twice your age. Being a year behind your contemporaries is entirely acceptable. However, you can study part-time and sit for your exam as a private candidate if you feel you are too old to attend school.

  • Enrol into a Vocational or Specialized School.

The majority of these institutions provide foundation diplomas or certificates that you might pursue. They typically take 6 to 12 months to complete full-time, and they give you the credentials you need to move on to related diplomas given by the same or a different institution. Foundation diploma admission requirements are reasonable; they normally do not involve five O Levels in Math, English, and Science.

I will write another article focusing on the 28.96% who passed, outlining some of the options available to them in terms of their financial situation and other circumstances of concern.

Author: Pryce Sami

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