Have the ZIMSEC CALAs been canceled? Here are the answers.

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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Continuous Assessment Learning Activity (CALA).

Question? What are CALAs?

Answer: Any learning activity or assessment that demands learners to make and display their understanding, competency, and knowledge. Most crucially, these will account for 30 percent of the final ZIMSEC grade.

Question? Have the ZIMSEC CALAs been canceled?

Answer: Peter Muzawazi, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education’s Chief Director (Secondary and Non-Formal Education), only indicated the government was reviewing CALA implementation. Nothing was said about them being canceled this year. 

Question? Did ZIMSEC Cancel CALAs?

Answer: No, according to ZIMSEC, a rumor circulating on WhatsApp claiming that CALAs will begin in 2022 is false.

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  1. Monica

    Tokumbira mutipe zvisina kuona this year SemaO level a2022. We trying our best to cover up the topics. But we know nothing. Vanhu veku Zimsec toziva hedu kuti makabvako kwatave izvezvi nemiwo makanyora Zimsec asi tokumbirao mutichipisirewo Zimsex. Please. Kana muchida henyu

  2. MK Moyo

    We need clarity on the management of CALA with respect to external candidates. Otherwise, CALA will become some pseudo assessment which will be converted into a commercial commodity that candidates buy from schools and exam centres without commensurate learning benefits.

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