About us

Founded (2016) - Established (2021)

Pryce Tutorials Study Centre was founded by Pryce. A. Sami as an educational center. At the time of its inception, the school’s operations were confined to full-time exam coaching, specifically O’levels and A’ levels, as well as online tutoring via its YouTube channel.

Prycelly Academy (PVT) Ltd, the responsible authority of Pryce Tutorials Study Centre, formerly created and began administering the independent college, which is a part of the (P.A.G.S) Prycelly Academy Group of Schools, in 2021.  The school now accepts students from Form 1 to Form 6 and offers both ZIMSEC and Cambridge curriculum. 

I started this foundation because I believe that the majority of individuals do not have access to the best and most affordable learning opportunities.

Under my administration, I will ensure that the purpose is carried out to the fullest extent possible, making our institutions the best information hubs possible. Using modern teaching methodologies and technologies to achieve exceptional results. Special gratitude to the individuals that helped to make the vision a reality. I also want to express my gratitude to all of the present and former students’ parents and guardians for their trust and support in us as an expanding institution.

As a school, we shall do everything possible to establish a conducive environment for our students’ intellectual growth and development.

Mr. P. A. Sami

Founder & Executive Director

Even Einstein Asked

Our Motto

Even Einstein Asked

Who is Einstein. – the famous physicist is well known in the field of science as the whole package of science innovation in terms of theories etc. Our motto seeks to instil the zeal to enquire for knowledge which is a key skill in the process of learning. In short we are saying if a genius like Albert Einstein Asked or enquired for knowledge in order for him to come up with his brilliant ideas in science what stops us from doing the same as knowledge enquirers (learners).

Wish you all the best in your learning process.

Meet the team

Mr. P. A. Sami

• Founder & Executive Director • Chief Administrator • College Principal • Teacher

Owner & Executive Director of Pryce Tutorials Study Centre, Sciences & Mathematics Educator. Holder of Dip. Ed (UZ), pending B. Ed (UZ) (Science & Mathematics Education)

Mrs. B. Kusina

College Head Teacher

Head Teacher – Pryce Tutorials Study Centre

• Bachelor of Arts in English & Communication Studies.
• Certificate in Education
• 30-year experience.

Ms. W. N. Chizivano

• Senior Board Member. • Senior Teacher. • H.O.D Humanities & Languages.

  • Diploma in Education (UZ)
  • 3-year experience

Mr. S. Gerede

• Teacher • H.O.D (VPA)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Education (AU)
  • Teacher
  • H.O.D (VPA)

Miss. K. Kanhihwa

• Teacher • H.O.D STEM/STEAM

  • Teacher
  • Diploma in Education (UZ)

Ms. T. Issa

• Teacher • TECH VOC

  • Diploma in Education (UZ)
  • Teacher